global trailer film festival 2015 winners 




Type: Series Trailer

Genre: Drama/Sci-Fi

Producer: P3 Mediaworks

Director: Corey Gilbert and Curtis Gilbert

Writer: Corey Gilbert and Curtis Gilbert

Cast: Jon T. Woods , Wesley John , Maggie Scrantom , Tommy Beardmore, Sandra Delgado, Cathleen Hennon, Maya Boudreau , Robert Salazar\   

Country of Origin: United States

Running Time: 00:01:54

Synopsis: “Hell Camp” Two high-level oil executives, separated by two continents, are being drawn together by an undefined movement, as they attempt to take the future of energy into their own hands


break the rock


Type: Concept Trailer for the new feature film; Horror/Action/Adventure

Producer: Adam Harmer, Michael O'Halloran, Indianna Wren

Director: Michael O'Halloran

Writers: Adam Harmer, Michael O'Halloran

Cast: Hugh Parker, Ashlee Lollback, Shaun King, Rob Horton

Country of Origin: Australia   |  Running Time: 00:02:451:54

Synopsis: A touring metropolitan theatre group arrive in a quiet, rural country town to present the locals with a production of 'King Lear'. They soon find that the in-fighting and clashes with the locals are the least of their troubles when a mysterious, homicidal monster emerges and attacks the troupe. A fight for survival begins as the creature unleashes its full power and the troupe become the prey of a dark force unlike anything they could have imagined."


i know you


Type: Trailer for a short dramatic fantasy film

Producer: Colin Gerrard  

Director: Colin Gerrard  

Writer: Colin Gerrard 

Cast: Colin Gerrard

Country of Origin: USA  |  Running Time: 00:01:37

Synopsis: "This short film does not push the envelope of cult personality and distortion of media; neither does it break the bonds of false exaggeration. Rather it enfolds it. It's a game of confidence. What if you couldn't tell the difference between what was real and what was not?  What if you could get away with something and everyone seemingly believed you?  Sometimes it doesn't matter who you are, it's who they think you are."




Type: Trailer for a dual narrative short dramatic film 

Producer: Alexis Ascher

Director: Nate Hapke

Writer: Nate Hapke

Cast: Richard Herd, Haley Alea Erickson

Country of Origin: United States   |  Running Time: 00:00:37

Synopsis: Deals with the themes of predestination, the inevitability of death, the phenomenon of self-imposed guilt, and the inevitability of old age and everything that comes along with it.




Type: Trailer for the new dramatic feature film

Producer: David Lally, Jeff Bemiss
Director: Jef Bemiss
Writer: David Lally and Kevin Commins
Cast: Ryan Farley, Carol Lambert, Sean Harris, Jesse Murphy


Country of Origin: USA  |  Running Time: 00:03:27

Synopsis:  Mark lives with his elderly mother, Ginnie, in the deteriorating "dream house" of their youth, after Mark's father and successful brother left. Ginnie hires a workman to renovate, and he becomes involved with Mark. Mark must now choose between a secret-filled past and an unknown future.

The Runners-up 


Synopsis: Mark lives with his elderly mother, Ginnie, in the deteriorating "dream house" of their youth, after Mark's father and successful brother left. Ginnie hires a workman to renovate, and he becomes involved with Mark. Mark must now choose between a secret-filled past and an unknown future.

Type/genre: Comedy, Animation

Producer:  Josh Shaffer
Director: Josh Shaffer
Writer: Josh Shaffer

Design and Animation: Adny Angrand
Cast: Josh Shaffer

Country of Origin: United States    

Running Time: 00:01:46


Synopsis: Outed is an unflinching drama depicting the violence directed towards LGBT people in Uganda, a country known for its homophobic laws. Shot by the filmmaker in secret to avoid reprisal, the film is based on a true story of what happened after a Ugandan newspaper printed an article outing the "top 200 homosexuals" in the country.

Type: Trailer for a documentary

Producer: Kamoga Hassa

Director: Kamoga Hassa

Writer: Kamoga Hassa

Country of Origin: Uganda

Running Time: 00:01:06


SynopsisA hit-man concludes his legacy with one more job, only to discover he may be the one getting hit.

Genre: Action, Suspense

Producer: Mike Lowther

Director: Mike Lowther

Writer: Jonathan Croom

Cast: Andrew Roach, Robert Rexx, Rick D. Wasserman

Country of Origin: United States

Running Time: 00:03:33



"In search of life's true meaning, a grief-stricken man embarks on a journey across Lake Michigan. A man, Daniel, turns to alcohol and drugs to dull the pain of losing his fiancée. After being stirred by a friend to finally get on with his life, he decides to fulfill his fiancée's wish to row across Lake Michigan.

During the rowing trip across the Lake, Daniel encounters emotional and physical hardships which only amplify his ongoing state of loneliness and depression. When he's pushed to the edge, something happens out on the water that will change his life forever.

'Bottled Up' was awarded Best Short Film at the 2015 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival."

Type: Trailer for a short film; drama/spiritual

Producer:  Mark Wherley, Don Cole

Director: Sam Juergens

Writer: Sam Juergens, Dave Juergens
Cast: Dave Juergens, Sam Juergens, Ben Juergens, Amelia Favata

Country of Origin: United States 

Running Time: 00:40:45


Synopsis: It's the oldest story known to man ” coming home”  but with a twist. After spending most of his life living outside the United States defending his country, where does a decorated 20-year Army soldier, back from the War, go home to if he's never really had a home? In this docu-series, Lt. Colonel Victor Krus and his family travel the country on a quest to find their home, sweet home. KRUSING AMERICA is the story of an American hero's search for an American hometown

Type/genre: Trailer for a docu-series; Family Travel

Producer: Linda Kruse

Director: Linda Kruse

Writer: Linda Kruse

Cast: Linda Kruse

Country of Origin:  United Sates

Running Time: 00:01:14