global trailer film festival 2018-19 TRAILER winners 


Tin Pan Alley


Type: Documentary Trailer

Genre: Music

Producer: Henry Scott-Irvine

Director: Henry Scott-Irvine   

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Synopsis: Britain's music street 'Tin Pan Alley' has resided in London's Denmark Street since Francis, Day & Hunter the first music publishers moved-in back in 1906.


Frames On Women


Type: Trailer for a Feature Film, Crime, Thriller, True story, Drama

Producer: André Spencer and Vera Guita

Director: André Spencer and Vera Guita

Writer: André Spencer and Vera Guita

Country of Origin: Portugal

Synopsis: A teaser that casts the light on women. 
Frames On Women is firstly about the complex problem of the representation of women in film and, secondly, about giving fair visibility to women through Portuguese cinema. Considering the vast majority of contemporary cinematic depictions is still linked to the male gaze, it is imperative to counteract it.


The Son of South Florida  


Type: Trailer for a documentary, sport

Producer: Christian Hansen  

Director: Christian Hansen  

Writer: Christian Hansen

Cast: Juan Pierre, Andres Salgado, Brendan Taylor, Steve Cishek, Brian O'Farrill, Tania Marrero, Joseph Gormley

Country of Origin: USA

Synopsis: A documentary focusing on the life of the late Jose Delfin Fernandez. Jose's harrowing journey from Cuba and his instant success in MLB is a story that needs to be told. A documentary focuses on Joses social and cultural impact in the Cuban and Latino population in South Florida.




Type: Trailer for short film, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Historical 

Producer: Quentin Uriel, Maxime Roux, Maxime Roux

Director: Quentin Uriel

Writer: Quentin Uriel, Grégoire Aubin

DOP: Maxime Roux

Cast: Clément Mauger, Yohan GeninKey, Anne Céline Trambouze, Alexianne TorresKey, Jonathan ChicheKey, Thierry MortamaisKey, Margaux ChatelierKey 

Country of Origin: France

Synopsis: Ben just turned 30. He's a shy man, and is in love with his coworker Diane. He's got two main passions in life : Historical reconstitution with his figurines club, and his job at the Tourism Office in Nîmes, which consists in taking visitors on board across the city.


"We The Women of Afghanistan: a silent revolution"


Type: Trailer for a documentary feature, drama

Producer: Nahid Shahalimi

Director: Nahid Shahalimi

Writer: Nahid Shahalimi

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Synopsis:  This film recounts tales of inspiring stories of courageous Afghan girls and women living within Afghanistan - the great testaments of human resilience. These are tales of women who fight not only for their rights but for the rights of all Afghans, in spite of dangerous obstacles they face every single day: Fully aware that every moment could be their last, still they do not give up and they are unbreakable. 
This film shows the parallel life of women in Afghanistan: Tales rarely shown by the international media - the other side of the coin - a compilation of women's strength & courage in the most unexpected place in this world: A place labeled as the 'most dangerous country for women'. 

global trailer film festival 2018-19 SHORT FILM winners 


Frames On Women


Type: Trailer for Short Film, Crime, Thriller, True story, Drama

Producer: Kariss Forte, Spencer Glover, Andrea Turne

Director: Spencer Glover

Writer: Spencer Glover

Cast: DJ Pryor, Ken Takemoto, Anthony Nguyen

Country of Origin: United States

Synopsis: Fred, an African-American orphan and raised by a Japanese teppanyaki master chef, must choose between his strongest desires; avenge his father’s death or protect the only family he's ever known.





Type: Short film, Sci-Fi

ProducerStephen Gibler

Director: Dominic Soo  

Writer: Dominic Soo

Cast: Will Jordan, Sean McCracken, Jamal Kazak, Kaelson Sevigny, Emily Torrez

Country of Origin: USA

Synopsis: Dylan, a timid hacker, is rescued from the zombie-infested city of Arco, but soon learns that the people he works for may not be who he thinks they are.




Type: Documentary

Producer: Shihyun Wang

Director: Shihyun Wang

Writer: Shihyun Wang

Cast: Tomas Johansson

Country of Origin: USA

The Runners-up 


Synopsis: A tense spaceship captain and co-pilot set out to investigate a comet, when a technical fault cuts to the core of their relationship problem. 

Type/genre: Short/sci-fi

Producer:  Sophia Ramcharan 
Director: Tristan Ofield
Writer: Adrian Reynolds
Cast: David McCaffrey, Siddhii Lagrutta

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Trailer: White Lily Trailer

The Tale of the Norwood Dragon (#8)

Synopsis: An ancient creature is disturbed from his sleep. One brave king must battle the beast.

Type: Trailer for a fantasy film

Producer: Matthew L. Fisher

Director: Matthew L. Fisher

Writer: Matthew L. Fisher

Music: Matthew L. Fisher

Animation: Ian Berger

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Trailer:  The Tale of the Norwood Dragon Trailer


Synopsis: During the Third World War, the American government initiates a secret project code named "Army Bacon" in order to create super soldier by inbreeding human beings with pigs. 25 years later a breed called "Muzzles" have occupied top of the food chain, eating and farming humans like animals. Rob Justice is an ex-bounty hunter working for the last line of human resistance - a group of survivors hiding in a nuclear bunker deep underground. His mission is to find out how muzzles came to power and destroy them.

Type/genre: Feature Film/Horror

Producer: Timur Turisbekov

Director: Valeri Milev

Writer: Veleri Miley and Timur Turisbekov

Country of Origin:  Kazakhstan

Trailer: Bullets of Justice Trailer


Synopsis: Struggling for a story, a travelling writer picks up a mysterious young woman who is fleeing from her abusive father. As their eventful journey leads them closer to a sea she has never seen, she compels him to question his work, his sanity and her very existence

Type: Trailer for a short film, drama

Producer:  Philip Alexander Baker

Director: Tom Turner and Philip Alexander Baker

Writer: Philip Alexander Baker
Post Production: Tom Turner

Cast: Philip Alexander Baker and Morwenna Towns

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Trailer: A Story for Happy


SynopsisIT'S THE YEAR 2248.
The world is plagued by climate disasters; the geopolitical map has forever changed and Azzan, a missing persons detective, has been summoned to the world’s first floating city by a woman he once loved. Her husband - who Azzan has spent the last twenty years hating - has gone missing. He is Adrian Rousseau, the famous ex-refugee, and social advocate of Sky City Haya. 

When Azzan arrives, the city is nearing its 20th anniversary celebrations accompanied by a historic vote. There are plans to build more sky cities across the globe. However, Rousseau’s disappearance has upended city life as the first major scandal in its 20 year history. Determined to locate Rousseau, Azzan questions a diverse cast of citizens. He meets with top city officials, underground activist refugees and a select group of citizens who claim to have aided Rousseau in uncovering a massive conspiracy. Behind its shiny veneer lies a secret city where thousands of refugees' lives hang in the balance and Rousseau's story might be the only hope of saving them.

Type: Trailer for Action, Suspense

Producer: Nick Malukhin

Director: Nick Malukhin

Writer: Nick Malukhin

Cast: Myroslava MalaKey, Anna DerbenovaKey, Galina KohvakkoKey, Alexey PetrikKey, Natalia Diachkova

Country of Origin: United States

Trailer:  Sky City Haya Teaser Trailer